Internal Family Systems IN THERAPY


What is it?

Internal Family Systems is a dynamic and innovative approach to healing the parts of ourselves that have been wounded, hurt, traumatized, or abandoned.  The healing process is profound, and long lasting.


How does it work?

I start by recommending one of several books by Richard C. Schwartz, PhD to clients to read.  The basic text is the Introduction and available on this site.

Each session we work together to get to know your parts, befriend them, and access the most important system within - the Self.  Using numerous techniques, meditations, visualizations, and guided processes, clients enable their own transformation  - from within.


Why I use IFS

As a "Level 1" IFS therapist I bring this model into the therapeutic work because I have seen the power of the results first hand.  I spent almost two years on a personal journey with IFS therapy resulting in internal shifts I never thought possible.  I have spent the past year working with clients using the IFS techniques with amazing results. 

Clients report they are shedding old patterns with greater ease, able to drop habits that have prevented them from living a fuller life, and heal from traumas that had stopped them from living a full and joyous life.